E-commerce & Portals

We develop websites, ecommerce and portals with advanced management systems and automatic processing.

How can we help?    

We create mobile responsive and user-friendly websites with any feature you need.
Designed and built for you and tailored to deliver premiere services to your users. 

As every business is different we work with you to provide uniquely designed websites, maximising your company’s profile and visitor interaction.

Allow customers to manage their accounts, use a bespoke sales process in your e-commerce store or print reports for your supplier portal; with a solution from Geo IT Services you have all the features you need. 

We only include the features you need, for a lightweight and versatile solution.

We can include third party services to import mapping, tracking and live data feeds, export price lists to resellers or invoices to your accountant.

We provide uniquely designed websites, maximising your company’s profile and visitor interaction.
Use your existing branding or create a template from your preferences.

Our solutions can expand as your business grows.

We will provide full servicing and support to keep them up to date and secure. Access is secured with encryption, multi level accounts, access logs and IP/User banning.

What can we offer?    

Agent/Client Portals

Allows user access to personalised control panels with tailored functions.

Customised E-commerce

Personalise your product displays or create your own checkout with automatic order processing.

Data Manipulation & Transfer

Apply calculations, convert data, print reports, interact with 3rd party services.

Our services    

Content Management System

  • Mobile ready content manager
  • SEO meta fields
  • Multi level menus
  • Custom forms
  • No content limits

E-commerce Website

  • Unlimited Categories and Products
  • Custom variation options
  • Custom search and filtering
  • Custom checkout process
  • Choose any payment provider

Portal Website

  • Secure login with access levels
  • Activity logs and security monitors 
  • Data processing
  • Custom reporting to graph, pdf 
  • Import & export documents


  • Connect to 3rd party services 
  • Retrieve GPS tracking, stocks, weather and much more 
  • Send social, supplier or accounting updates to providers 
  • Provide a  live data service for your resellers.

Secure Access Website

  • Required for handling personal or financial information. 
  • Restrict login attempts, block users, 2FA
  • Log activity
  • Force regular password resets
  • OAuth Login 

Custom Website

  • All projects include:
  • HTML text editor
  • SEO meta fields
  • Custom forms and processing
  • Desktop, tablet & mobile display ready

Our process    

We have clear pricing in our quotes that will detail each function in your project, the price depends on the functions you'd like to include, so it's best to have a chat with us first.

We work with you and the relevant people in your business to get a detailed picture of your requirements.   

When designing we consider your existing branding, marketing and the target audience for this project.

We will provide samples for each template the project will require.
All our websites are deployed with mobile and tablet- ready displays and are tested on the most up to date browsers.

We work with multiple codes and can develop solutions for most environments.

Our quotes detail each view of the project and how the data is managed. Please review these carefully when you receive them.
We provide complete hosting, maintenance and support solutions; we can also if preferred instruct your IT team how to monitor and maintain the project after launch.

Get in touch    

Each project includes a maintenance contract to update services and run security checks. Every account comes with access to our support ticket system, allowing you to speak directly to our developers and technicians at any time.