Redevelopment & Add-On’s

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How can we help?    

We can recreate your existing design and features in a new package and provide regular servicing to keep it up to date.

We can redevelop your website with modern code standards to ensure stability and security. 

Plug-ins can be developed for your existing website to add new features or a new design template.

Macros and Templates can be created for Office documents to automate repetitive tasks and calculations in a familiar interface.

What can we offer?    


Add features to your existing website with a custom plug-in or add-on.


Rebuild an existing project in current code standards.


Office Suite Macros to automate tasks and document templates.

Our process    

We can build for specific versions and service packs, please let us know your environment.

We provide complete hosting, maintenance and support solutions.

Our quotes detail each view of the project and how the data is managed: please review these carefully.
We can increase functionality as required with remote updates.

We work with you and the relevant people in your business to get a detailed picture of your requirements.

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Each project includes a maintenance contract to update services and run security checks. Every account comes with access to our support ticket system, allowing you to speak directly to our developers and technicians at any time.

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